Welcome to Okla HQ.
The premium club for the business class.


  • - Business owners can send us details about thei product.
  • - After Verifying, the products will be listed in the marketplace.
  • - Marketers can sell the products which they like.
  • - They get a particular percentage of the product price per sale


  • - Blog articles on marketing and different business aspects.
  • - Interviews with the industry leaders.
  • - Books and materials from the business experts.
  • - High quality audio podcasts and video sessions on various topics.


  • - Providing an alternative for seed/crowd funding.
  • - The Club share it's wealth among the members to fund their business/idea.
  • - The more active members get more funding.
  • - The member get 1400 INR every month when somebody he invited purchase/extends a subscription.
  • - Members also get paid for selling the products listed in marketplace.


How to Join?

To become a member in oklahq, you should be invited by an existing member. This is to ensure the premium quality of the club. There is a monthly subscription charge of 45 USD/month for continuing the membership.

Don't have a referrel link?

So you want to taste how it feels and you don't know anyone in oklaHQ. Right? Don't worry. Email us to hello@oklahq.com with your short bio.